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Saveral other FITS viewers from the NASA's web site.

Astroart  An image processing for astronomy, microscopy and other scientific works. A demo version is available for download.

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AVIS - FITS Viewer
Avis (Astro-vis) is a freeware FITS viewer for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98.
FITS files are used in scientific applications like astronomy and medical imaging.
  • Opens FITS files: (8 & 16 bit), supports multiple file opening and drag & drop from Explorer and other Windows shells.

  • Imports CCD files: like SBIG ST8, ST7, ST6, ST5, ST4, Starlight, Hisis, Pixcell and others. Imports graytones TIFF and TGA files.

  • Saves FITS and allows modifications of the FITS Header.

  • Exports files: as TXT format, RAW, TIF, TGA, BMP and JPEG.

  • On-line help: full documentation about Avis and about FITS file format.
To download the Avis FITS Viewer click:     (830 kb)

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