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Dbasic for Delphi
Dbasic is an advanced tool for Borland Delphi (5..XE7 - 32 bit) to integrate script programs (macros) into applications. With Dbasic all developers (or their customers) will be able to customize without limits the behaviour and features of their applications.
  • Complete syntax: DBasic is a mix between Basic and Pascal and makes possible the realization of every kind of programs; supports Long strings, Pointers and Recursive functions.

  • Fast learning: For the developer, complete documentation, object-oriented interface, easy to use. For the customer, Basic is the simplest programming language.

  • Delphi functions: Dbasic can call Delphi functions, so it is possible to perform every task of the application.

  • High speed: Scripts are not interpreted, they are compiled into a compact p-code and then executed by an assembly optimized virtual machine. This allows tasks of graphics, math and signal processing.

  • Zero DLL, zero OCX: Dbasic is a compact unit which is compiled into the application.
To download a demo version of Dbasic click: (DCU only, for Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007, Turbo). Three projects, a math parser and complete documentation is included.

For informations about ordering Dbasic see the orders page.

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