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L. Dijksman Site
WBEC Ridderkerk, Leo Dijksman's long time tournament.

Chess Engines Grand Tournament, ratings about chess programs.

A graphical interface for chess engines and news about computer chess.


Amateur astronomers of Ravenna, many astro photos available.

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Delfi is a software suite composed of three programs to help your training in chess.
The current version is 5.4, dual core processors are now supported.

    Delfi Trainer is a chess engine for Fritz, Shredder, Arena and Winboard. Its main feature is to emulate an amateur human player, in the range 1000..2300 ELO. The level is independent on the CPU speed.

  • "2.5D" CHESS GUI
    Chess on a PC monitor? I always considered it a problem. 2D diagrams are fine of course, by the way when I return to the real chessboard i get confused. 3D views are useless for me, the perspective disturbs instead of helping. For this reason I have developed a "2.5D" chessboard. Screenshots.

    This program trains you on test positions like combinations, opening lines and endgame studies. It supports the PGN and EPD standards, so you may use it with your favourite positions and games. Screenshots.

    The cost of the Delfi Trainer Suite is 20 euro. Click here for more information.

    To download Delfi for Winboard/UCI (use it within: Fritz, Shredder, Arena or Winboard GUI) click:  (750 kb). At easy levels, this version can be set only to 1000 ELO, which is very nice for beginners. This version can also be set to 1 or 2 CPUs.

    The Delfi source code is available as well. Please read carefully the license agreement. More info.

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