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The MicroRender project started as a simple fisheye renderer for dome animations (for planetariums). The main feature was the good compatibility with the Blender Internal renderer so that complete animations could be produced using the knowledge of the Blender material system.


  • Materials. Almost all diffuse, specular, mirror, transparency settings are supported, included the classical tricks shadow only, no shadow, etc.
    Hair, subsurface scattering, halo and wire materials are supported too.
  • Lamps. The five blender lamps are emulated very well. Buffered shadows in spot lamps are implemented as ray tracing to support the clipping distance. Layers are fully supported.
  • Textures. Normal and bump mapping, image mapping (UV, spherical, tube, plane, cube), mixing (add, sub, mul, etc. with stencil support), coordinates (generated, global, window, object), mapTo (color, spec, mirror, transp, emit, etc).
  • Procedural shading. Math functions can be applied to materials to achive a precise shading and/or to decrease the geometric complexity of the scene.
  • Scientific cameras. MicroRender fully supports the equirectangular, fisheye and cylindrical camera, with raytraced depth of field.
  • Other features. DupliGroups, dupliVerts and faces, Particle Systems based on objects, 2D and 3D noise textures, volumetrics, caustics.
  • Speed. SSE optimizations, combined with adaptive global illumination, cut rendering time as shown in the gallery.