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MicroRender is a fast rendering engine for animation production, optimized for speed on multicore CPUs.

MicroRender is currently used for planetarium productions, see Columbia optics and Fulldome productions.
Until 2015 MicroRender was also available as a Python plugin for Blender 2.6-2.7. This version is no longer available.


  • Adaptive global illumination

    When using ambient occlusion and path tracing Microrender tries to achieve a constant quality across the image, so that you don't waste time in rendering zones which are noise free yet. See gallery.
  • Optimized full frame motion blur

    Motion blur is combined with antialiasing and global illumination, by taking different samples in different motion frames. Doing so it's possible to render a set of low quality subframes into an high quality result, saving rendering time.
  • Global illumination and lighting tricks

    The classical lighting tricks are fully supported even during global illumination: negative lights, shadeless, shadows only, no shadows, etc.