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DBASIC  Home page of the Basic script language for Delphi.

ASTROART 5.0  96 bit image processing for astronomy, microscopy and other scientific works. A demo version is available for download.

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MPEG for Delphi
MPEGPas is a compact library for Delphi [version 5 to XE7] and Free Pascal, to create MPEG videos in real time without using external DLLs. This library is useful to create videos, slideshows, network videoconferences, presentations, which have to be compatible with any software and hardware decoders.
  • 100% MPEG compatible. Every software and hardware MPEG player will play the stream.
  • No DLLs/OCXs. MPEGPas is a compact unit which is compiled into the application. Only 1100 lines of code.
  • Pascal compatible. All version of Delphi are supported, 32/64 bit, Free Pascal and Lazarus.
  • No image size limits. From 8x8 to 4095x4095 pixels.
  • All frequencies supported. From 24 to 60 hz, and very low frequencies as well (0.1-12 hz).
MPEGPas has an object oriented interface via the class TMpeg. Its methods allow to create easily a MPEG stream from standard TBitmaps.

To download a demo version of MPEGPas click: (for Delphi 5 ... XE7, Lazarus 1.X). A demo project with sample images and complete documentation is included. Most code is compiled into a DLL.

The previous demo version is available as DCU only: (for Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006,Turbo,2007,XE2).

For more information about ordering MPEGPas see the orders page.

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