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New features of Astroart 8

Image processing
New DDP, deconvolution, gradient removal with mask, multiscale denoise and low pass, processing history, improved scripts and macros.

Image analysis
Seven views (stars, histogram, statistics, history, zoom, 3d, header) with several new features.

Color processing
New LRGB, trichromy, demosaic, white balance, attenuate channel, saturation, align planes.

Image preview, report with graphs, several normalization and rejection methods, faster sigma stacking.

Blink and animations
Full-screen blink and animations with live annotations.

Edit pixel
Clone tool, blink, origin of coordinates, improved undo and zoom.

Batch photometry
User defined reports and graphs.

Image browser
Optimized for astronomical images, with single and grid layout.

ASCOM switches and weather stations, temperature ramps, multicore plate solve.

User interface
Navigator panel, customizable image border, four themes, new controls.

Other features

Scale marker.

Orientation marker with custom color.

Find stars with configurable aperture.

Configurable fields for star list.

Roundness and inclination for stars.

Deblooming with preview.

Remove gradient with preview.

Remove gradient with automatic points.

Average and Merge with mask.

Create mask from stars.

Eyedropper tool for masks.

Formulas with RGB components.

More than 100 new script commands.

Normalization via Add, Multiply or Scale.

Equalize visualization with preview.

Automatic plate solve for camera images.

Automatic plate solve for sequences.

Software binning 3x3 for camera images.

Telescope centering clicking on the image.

Star atlas, CCD frame.

Star atlas, bookmarks.

Star atlas, mosaic planner.

Star atlas, UCAC 5 catalog.

Star atlas, faster calibration.

Options for FITS RowOrder and Creator.

Shortcut for black window background.

Icons for quick flip and rotate.

Improved Windows DPI scaling.

New tutorials and documentation.


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