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Ordering Astroart 8.0

Astroart 8 costs 135,00 Euro (plus VAT, approx. 165 Euro) or 165,00 US dollars (plus local taxes).

This includes:

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In 6-12 hours you will receive the link to download the software.

Upgrade from 7.0

The upgrade from Astroart 7 costs 85 Euro (plus VAT, approx. 105 Euro) or 105 USD (plus local taxes).

The upgrade is free if you purchased Astroart 7 or the upgrade after September 1, 2020, in this case please contact us by email.
The upgrade includes: Full Astroart 8.0 as above, 12 months of major upgrades, unlimited service packs.

Order in EUR       Order in USD  
In 6-12 hours you will receive the link to download the software, which is a full Setup of Astroart 8. Your older installation of Astroart will not be modified, both versions will continue to work independently.

Upgrade from older versions

The upgrade from older versions of Astroart costs 102 Euro (plus VAT, approx. 125 Euro) or 125 USD (plus local taxes). Includes the same features written above.

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Multilicense for institutes

Would you like to use Astroart on several PCs of your laboratory? Please contact us for a multilicense agreement. Astroart has been licensed this way to several universities all over the world.

International dealers

These dealers sell the physical version of Astroart 7 with free upgrade to Astroart 8.


Tanaka Koukagaku Kougyou K.K.  2-3-3 Jindaiji Motomachi, 182-0017, Choufu. Tel. 0424-83-0201, Fax: 0424-83-0203.

United Kingdom

First Light Optics.   Unit 7 Budlake Units, Budlake Road, Marsh Barton Trading Estate, Exeter, Devon EX2 8PY.


Vesting.  Storchenweg 6, 21217 Seevetal, Tel. 040 5114348.


L'Astronome, La passion de l'observation.  32 rue Du Gaillec, 56100 Lorient. Tel: +33 2 97 21 00 44.


Skypoint.  Via Zorutti 145/11 (S.S. 13) 33030 Campoformido (UD) - Tel 0432 652609, Fax 0432 663473.


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